Friday, 23 December 2016

Medico Legal Case – A Short Synopsis

India has around 750000 doctors and another 30000 adding each year. Awareness about medico legal cases have become more important nowadays. So it has become very necessary for doctors to know about the matter and practice it.

According to Section 39 of Criminal Procedure Code of India, each and every doctor must inform police at the earliest in case of any injury cases due to some criminal offense. This is done so the police can collect needed evidence at the earliest. Any failure on the part of the doctor is considered criminal offense and he/ she will face legal proceedings or have to pay compensation.

Injuries that comes under medico-legal cases:
  • Burn injuries
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Homicide/murder
  • Poisoning
  • Sexual assault
  • Criminal abortion
  • Patients brought dead
  • People who die shortly after admission
  • Hospital death


What does the law say?
  • Under Article 21 hospital cannot deny treatment to any patient
  • If hospital does not have enough facility patient should be transferred to nearest facility
  • Hospital cannot deny emergency treatment if the patient have no immediate cash in hand or relative is absent from signing the consent
  • In case of rape, doctor cannot examine the person without his/her consent
  • Doctor must not disclose the details of patient at any cost
  • In case of abortion doctor must have written consent from the patient

Medico-legal Case filing procedure?

After the patient is given necessary medical care doctor will inform the police about the matter immediately. If the evidence is given via phone a doctor's number is given to keep it as a proof and will be added to the patient's records. Once the patient is recovered he will be summoned to the medico-legal desk. Then the patient has to fill a form and put the signature in it. Police will then take the statement from the patient and confirm whether the patient wants to file the case or not. Later the person will get receipt containing file number and case number then he can employ a lawyer and take forward the case.

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